Danielle Nicolet Biography & Family Facts, Movies And TV Shows

The rise in television broadcasting, which has led to what is known as the golden age of television, has led in recent years to a growing demand for talented actors and actresses and given many actresses the opportunity to make a name for themselves. With Born Again Virgin and the CW show The Flash, Danielle Nicolet has made a name for herself.

On Born Again Virgin she played Jenna and Cecile Horton in The Flash. Although she has recently begun to penetrate mainstream consciousness, Danielle has been an actress for over two decades after making her debut in 1990.

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Danielle Nicolet’s Biography

Danielle Nicolet was born on November 24, 1973, as Danielle Patricia Diggs in Ashtabula, Ohio. Much is unknown about her family background, but she grew up in a supportive family that fostered her love of acting from an early age. As she grew up, Danielle had a latent interest in becoming an actress and a passion for sports and gymnastics. At first, she tried to make a career as a gymnast and she moved to Southern California to realize her dream.Danielle Nicolet Biography & Family Facts, Movies And TV Shows

But like the history of most aspiring athletes, an unfortunate injury to her knee robbed her of her dream before she had a chance to live it. After losing her ticket to gymnastics, Danielle Nicolet picked herself up and decided to make a career out of her second love, acting. Already as a teenager she attended acting lessons and made her actress debut in 1990, triggering a career that has existed ever since.

Her Movies and TV Shows

Although her level of popularity and wealth may not suggest it, Danielle Nicolet has been acting for decades and has a filmographic length of a Hollywood veteran. When she was just 17 years old, she made her debut on the Family Matters show and appeared as a recurring character in three episodes as Vonda Mahoney. She followed her appearance on the show with another one, the Jacksons: An American Dream, in which she played the character, Verla.Danielle Nicolet Biography & Family Facts, Movies And TV Shows

In 1993, Danielle Nicolet added another pen to her acting cap by appearing in her first feature-length film Loaded Weapon 1. It was a big-screen film in which she played Debbie Luger, the daughter of the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the film.

Over the years, Danielle Nicolet continued to appear in other projects such as Where Truth Lies, In the House, Shadow of Doubt, Fall Into Darkness Race, 3rd Rock from the Sun, where she played as Caryn between 1996 and 2001. At the turn of the millennium, Danielle continued her acting career, starring in a variety of shows including Second Time Around, Heartland, The Starter Wife, and X-Men.Danielle Nicolet Biography & Family Facts, Movies And TV Shows

In 2015 she was cast as Jenna in the show Born Again Virgin. She was a leading actress in the show and she ran for a season. She began appearing in The Flash in the same year as Cecille Horton and has appeared as a recurring character since her debut in over 30 episodes.

Although she is best known for her work on television, Danielle Nicolet has appeared in a number of major films including Acrimony and Central Intelligence.Danielle Nicolet Biography & Family Facts, Movies And TV Shows

Danielle has appeared in over 75 films and television shows and has been awarded several prize nominations in addition to the popularity of some of her roles.

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Family Facts About Danielle Nicolet

Danielle Nicolet is a married woman and she has been married to Mike Kussman for some time, although the details of her beginnings have been kept off the press.Danielle Nicolet Biography & Family Facts, Movies And TV Shows

Danielle is visibly an African-American woman and although we don’t know much about her family, we know that she is a mixed breed. Her mother is Italian and her name is Patricia Rose. Her father is African American.

Danielle is not the only one in the entertainment industry in her family. She has a brother, Rick, who is a member of Hollywood as well as a writer and producer.

Apart from her family, another cool fact about Danielle Nicolet is her size which is 5 feet. She weighs 54 kg and has a body size of 35, 24 and 35 inches for her Breast, waist, and hips.