David Laid Biography, Height, Girlfriend And Net Worth

David Laid, a bodybuilder, fitness model and social media personality, is best known in social media, especially on YouTube for the transformation videos he uploads. On his Instagram, David boasts more than 935,000 followers and over 890,302 subscribers on his YouTube channel of the same name, which he created in July 2009 with the username “computerman91”, apparently not with the original intention of publishing fitness videos.

David Laid crossed on the popularity he gained through social media and eventually became a Gymshark-sponsored athlete. He lives in New York, where he earns his living as a freelance model.

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Who is David Laid and How Old is He?

The bodybuilder was born on 29 January 1998 in Estonia. When he was just a two-year-old toddler, his father fell from a cruise ship docked at the harbor and died. To give David and his two younger brothers a better life, his Russian-born mother moved the family to the United States a few years after David’s father’s death. There they settled in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where David Laid attended Mainland Regional High School.David Laid Biography, Height, Girlfriend And Net Worth

As with some teenagers, David Laid had rapid growth in his teens, which made him very lanky. His horny figure killed his self-esteem, made him a regular target for tyrants, and to aggravate his already bad situation, he was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14, a state of health that can lead to lateral curvature of the spine and even disabilities.

On the advice of his doctors, David began strength training under the supervision of a physiotherapist to build muscle mass and escape the consequences of the disease. Motivated by the opportunity to grow out of his lanky, almost oily body, gain more muscle mass, build confidence and feel comfortable in his own skin, David Laid began his fitness trip as a 90-pound teenager.

Although his main goal was to develop his muscles, the young man soon fell in love with strength training, which was an important part of developing into the body of his dreams. Armed with the understanding that physical changes don’t happen overnight, David pursued strength training as it became a source of constant motivation for him, a goal he had worked hard to achieve by sweating it out day after day at the gym. Over time, he began to see physical results and consequently gave up any other sport he took part in to concentrate on his training.David Laid Biography, Height, Girlfriend And Net Worth

On his way to his desired physique, David Laid worked with online videos about other people’s body transformation and was also inspired by fitness gurus such as the Hodge twins, Marc Fitt and Jeff Seid. Like the people who inspired him, he decided to document his fitness journey.

Looking back at how he was when he started, there is no doubt that his physical transformation is simply amazing. He has evolved from a weak little boy, once called “chicken legs” by his hockey trainer, to a fitness icon that inspires others, and from a 14-year-old boy who refused to wear a swimsuit, to a super trustworthy fitness model who enjoys showing off his well-built body.

Net Worth

For David Laid, involvement with bodybuilding and fitness was initially a means to an end, but no more. It has not only become his way of life, but also his full-time career and a source of income, as he places advertisements for various companies on his training videos.David Laid Biography, Height, Girlfriend And Net Worth

With over 100 videos, 890 thousand subscribers and more than 122 million views on his YouTube channel, David earn between $649 and $10.4,000 each month, while his annual income is between $7.8 and $124.5 million. In addition, he has also signed endorsement agreements with some multinational companies such as Gymshark, which together bring his estimated net value to $1 million.

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Meet His Girlfriend

The fitness guru is currently meeting with a dancer named Julia Jackson. The duo prefers to keep their relationship secret, so there is little information about their love life.David Laid Biography, Height, Girlfriend And Net Worth

1. David stands at 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches) and holds a bodyweight between 84 and 88.5 kg (185 and 195 lb).

2. To maintain his physique, David Laid trains six days a week and gives each session two hours for push, pull and leg training.

3. His dietary supplements include whey protein, creatine, and a multivitamin.

4. In addition to everything he has achieved himself, David has also worked with other well-known fitness specialists.

5. he has been accused of using steroids several times, but he has constantly rejected the accusations, claiming that his bodybuilding is natural.