Justin Trudeau Wife, Father, Mother, Family, Height, Is He Gay?
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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will go down in history as one of the youngest leaders to head one of the most powerful countries in the world. He is also the second youngest leader his country has ever produced, and a look at his background naturally answers the question of how he was able to rise to what he is today. Here we will look at all this, including what is being said about him being gay. So if you are as curious as we are, you should be satisfied with the facts about the young leader below.

Who is Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau is fully addressed as Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau. He is a Canadian politician and the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (from 2015). The young leader was born on Christmas Day (December 25) of 1971 in a Canadian family in the Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the son of the late former Canadian Prime Minister (15th) Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his present ex-wife Margaret Trudeau. He had as younger siblings Alexandre (Sacha) and the late Michel Trudeau, who all went down in history as the third and fourth children of a serving Canadian leader.

As an adolescent, the Prime Minister was enrolled at Rockcliffe Park Public School in 1976 and later spent a year at the Lycée Claudel d’Ottawa. After high school, he enrolled at the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf before earning a degree in literature at McGill University and later a bachelor’s degree in education at the University of British Columbia.

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Justin Trudeau Wife, Father, Mother, Family, Height, Is He Gay?
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After college, he began his career as a teacher of French and mathematics at West Point Grey Academy before venturing into politics. The potential Prime Minister won his first political seat as a member of the Canadian Parliament for Papineau in 2008. He built his path while growing up in the Canadian Liberal Party and showed himself both in the domestic politics of the party and as someone to whom the broader Canadian population will entrust the leadership of their country in the future.

Trudeau would then begin to work his way up to the top of the Liberal Party in 2012, only to be promoted to party leader in 2012. He led them to victory in the federal elections in Canada in October 2015, and in November of the same year, he was sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. Prime Minister of Canada sworn in. Since then, he has held this office and has implemented important reforms in the Senate, the Electoral Act, women’s rights, migration, and many other areas, including marijuana, which was recently legalized for recreational use in the country.

Family: Father, Mother

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born as the son of the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau (born October 18, 1919 – died September 28, 2000), and his wife Margaret Sinclair. Although he was born into a family that could offer him all the comfort he desired, Justin’s parents made his childhood as normal as possible. For most of his childhood, he attended a public high school and went to school by school bus. He spent his summers in the Algonquin Provincial Park, where he later got his first paid job as a camp counselor.

However, 6 years after his birth, his parents separated and his father initially had custody of him. After his father left office in 1984, his father and mother had joint custody of him until he grew up to be able to take care of himself.

Who is His Wife or is He Gay?

Trudeau is married to Sophie Grégoire, whom she first met when they both grew up and went to school in Montreal, Canada as children. After years of separation in their young adult lives, the two lovebirds met in 2003 when the Belle was hired to host Trudeau’s charity ball.

Justin Trudeau Wife, Father, Mother, Family, Height, Is He Gay?
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The childlike love between the two came back to life when the duo got together again before their engagement in October 2004 and the subsequent marriage on May 28, 2005. The ceremony took place at the Sainte-Madeleine d’Outremont church in Montreal. Since then they have given birth to three lovely children: Xavier James (born October 18, 2007), Ella-Grace Margaret (born February 5, 2009), and Hadrien Grégoire (born February 28, 2014). Perhaps another Canadian Prime Minister will emerge from one of them.

In step with what is happening in most Western countries of our world today, Justin Trudeau has not stopped in the movement for gay rights. As one of the world’s leading politicians, his attitude towards the perception and treatment of gays has far-reaching implications for all facets of a gay person’s life, at least in Canada.

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The Canadian head of state himself is not gay, since we know that he is married to a woman. However, he has done what most of the world’s leaders will be wary of. The young leader made history when he was the first Canadian Prime Minister to take part in a Gay Pride parade, which took place in Toronto in 2016. He also participated in the opening ceremony of Canada Pride 2017 in Montreal, where he marched alongside the famous first openly gay Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.

The Prime Minister also apologized in a historic way to people who were adversely affected by the discrimination of gay Canadians by the Canadian “Gay Purge” discrimination. He announced that the Canadian government will pay up to 110 million Canadian dollars or $85 million to the victims of the purge. It is worth noting that Justin Trudeau welcomes homosexuals, and for this reason, he was on the cover of Attitude magazine – the best-selling and award-winning British gay magazine – in January 2017.


Justin Trudeau stands at a height of 1.88 meters or the equivalent of 6 feet 2 inches. He grew taller than his father, who was 1.78 m tall or 5 feet 8 inches.