The Untold Truth of Israel Houghton’s Wife and What Led To Their Divorce
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Meleasa Houghton is a celebrated American singer, songwriter and gospel artist who has won the hearts of millions of people over the years with her amazing voice and singing talent. Although she has been around for years, Meleasa Houghton first came to public attention after being associated with one of the country’s best gospel singer/songwriters, Israel Houghton. Their popularity increased when they announced their decision to settle down as a married couple, and from then on they became role models for so many people, including aspiring singers and songwriters.

Over time, however, sometime in 2016, Meleasa and Isreal shocked the world when they announced that they were giving up their marriage after 20 years together. Although their divorce announcement was not well received by their fans, the former couple decided to continue their lives to achieve their individual goals and become better people. Let’s find out what they have done since then and other facts.

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Meleasa Houghton’s Background

Meleasa is a gospel singer born on March 1, 1964, in the United States of America. She is an American citizen, but her ethnicity is not yet known to the public. As she is a very private person, Meleasa has much to reveal about her personal life, family background, education and the memorable events of her childhood. It is because of her private nature that the names of her parents, her place of birth and other information about her are not yet known, depending on how popular she has become.

If there is one thing that is not hidden about this beautiful singer, it is her love for her parents. Although Meleasa has never mentioned their names publicly, she often praises them for receiving her Christian upbringing and for standing by her through thick and thin over the years.

Israel Houghton’s wife (now ex-wife) started her career as a gospel singer and later became a member of the Christian band Israel & New Breed. The band also has her ex-husband and Ryan Horton as members. Meleasa is known for her involvement in the production of the band’s hit songs, including Jesus at the Center (2012), To Worship You I Live (2005) Your Presence Is Heaven (2012), Rez Pour, Our God Reigns (2015) and many others. In 2015, Israel’s ex-wife received the GMA Dove Award in the Traditional Gospel Song of the Year category and was later nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance/Song.

Her Marriage With Israel Houghton And What Latter Led To Their divorce

Her marriage to Israel Houghton and the reasons for her divorce
Israel Houghton and Meleasa met for the first time in the early 1990s in Houghton’s ministry in the city of Pittsburgh. The two finally married in 1994, after spending a few months together, and together they welcomed 4 children. Sadly, the American gospel singer and his wife separated in 2015 and divorced the following year after 20 years together.

In an open posting on his Facebook page, Israel Houghton confessed that the reason for their divorce was his “infidelity”. He admitted that he “sinned” in his marriage and caused pain to his family. He also revealed that he had committed the sin many years before it became public and that they tried to resolve the matter but made no progress.

According to reports, the relationship between Israel Houghton and his girlfriend at the time, Adrienne, was the reason that he and Meleasa gave up their 20-year marriage. The gospel singer was accused of dating the young woman when he was still married to Meleasa, an allegation that he and Adrienne strictly denied. Isreal has always claimed that he began dating Adrienne after he requested a divorce from his wife and that he was sincere about his new love in this matter.

Although the gospel singer has spoken out on various platforms about his failed marriage, his ex-wife has not yet expressed her side of the story publicly.

Have Israel Houghton And Meleasa Remarried?

The answer is yes for Israel and no for Meleasa. Houghton made the covenant with Adrienne barely 9 months after the divorce from Meleasa. Their wedding took place on November 11, 2016, in Paris, after they had gotten engaged on August 12, 2016, on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In a Facebook post shared in 2016, the gospel singer revealed that he met Adrienne (née Bailon) sometime in 2014 and that they became friends after some time of working together, adding that they began to explore a dating relationship after separating from his wife.

Isreal Houghton’s second wife, Adrienne Eliza Bailon, is a popular television personality, actress, and singer and was born on October 24, 1983, in New York City, New York. The daughter of an Ecuadorian father named Freddie Bailon and a Puerto Rican mother named Nilda Alicea, Bailon began her career in 1999. She has appeared in several films and television shows but is best known for her co-hosting of the daily talk show The Real.

Before her marriage to Houghton, Adrienne was with Rob Kardashian from 2007 to 2009 and was previously engaged to music manager Lenny Santiago after six years with him. Bailon and Israel Houghton do not yet have children of their own.

Meleasa has not been married to any man since the end of her marriage to her famous ex-husband. She seems in no hurry to jump into another friendship or marriage with a man.

What Are The Former Couple Up To Now?

Due to his dominant popularity in the music industry, Israel Houghton is the focus of many people’s attention, unlike his wife, who has not been in the public eye since the end of their marriage. The American gospel singer has not only enjoyed a peaceful home with his second wife but has also worked on several projects.

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Israel has recently released an album called The Road To DeMaskUs and a recording called Damascus. In 2019 he was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding musical achievement in a daytime program.

Houghton is not only a phenomenal singer, but he is also a songwriter and producer known for his cross-cultural style of Christian music, combining reggae, rock, gospel, and jazz elements. Israel Houston has over 15 albums and 13 recordings to his credit. His songs, which have made waves beyond Western borders, have earned him 19 prestigious awards, including 6 Grammy Awards, 11 GMA Dove Awards, and 2 Stellar Awards.

Meleasa, on the other hand, has been very focused on her career and the education of her children, although she has been reticent since the failure of her marriage. She had 4 children with Israel. They are Mariah and Milan (daughters) and sons named Jordan and Israel Houghton Sonny. Mariah made the covenant with her lover Byron Rideaux in 2016.