Toby Turner Net Worth, Scandal, Girlfriend, Mom, Height, Bio
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Toby Turner (birth name: Tobias Joseph Turner), also known under his stage name Tobuscus, is an internet celebrity and personality. He is also an actor, comedian, and musician.

Toby Turner is best known for his YouTube videos. He has also played several leading roles in television and film. By mid-2016, Turner had nearly 15 million subscribers and nearly 4 billion video views on his three YouTube channels.

Toby Turner Bio

Turner was born on March 3, 1985, in Osborn, Mississippi, to American parents – a father who ran a department store and a mother who helped out in the same store – and grew up with his parents in Niceville, Florida.

He attended the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in telecommunications manufacturing. His mother then took out a loan and used it to buy him his first camera. According to Turner, this was decisive for the start of his YouTube career.

Toby Turner Net Worth, Scandal, Girlfriend, Mom, Height, Bio
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On May 14, 2006, Turner launched his first YouTube channel, the Tobuscus channel, and his very first video was based on the 2006 film, Click. It was actually a sketch of the movie.

One of his earliest videos is “Don’t Tase Me, Bro! – which was a remix recording of the University of Florida Taser incident in which a police officer stunned Turner’s classmates and friend Andrew Meyer with a Taser gun.

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This video earned him some recognition as he was interviewed by MTV. During the interview, he said, “When I heard [Andrew] screaming, I knew right away that it would fit into a hip-hop song. He also gave all profits from the sale of related merchandise from the video to Andrew.

Turner also runs a series, the Literal Trailers series, which is one of the most popular on YouTube. It’s also earned him general recognition from CBS News and Wired.

Toby Turner has also launched another vlogging channel and a games channel. He also befriended Philip DeFranco – another Vlogger and YouTube personality – who eventually hired him. They worked together on Like Totally Awesome (LTA) – a game and review channel that ran in the late 2000s and early 2010s – and Cute Win Fail.

Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Toby Turner keeps his private life private, and through all of his channels and websites, his personal interests and preferences and his private life, in general, are kept low. Although there is not enough information about his love life, there are rumors that he may be in a relationship. In his opinion, however, he is currently looking for a good partner. He also claims that he is just starting an affair with a nameless girl whom he has regularly referred to as his girlfriend.

Turner keeps two house dogs named Gryphon and Boone, with whom he likes to spend time. Turner is allergic to cats and dairy products. He is a victim of asthma and receives regular medical attention.

Toby Turner Net Worth, Scandal, Girlfriend, Mom, Height, Bio

Toby Turner is quite tall with a height of 5 feet 10½ inches (1.79 m). He looks good and is attractively dressed.

His net worth is said to be about $4.2 million. which comes from the sale of related goods in connection with his channels as well as from sponsorship and advertising.

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Toby Turner Scandal

On April 8, 2016, Toby Turner’s ex – April Fletcher – made some damning accusations about Turner in the Internet community as AprilEfff. She claimed he was a drug addict and had cheated on almost all of his former girlfriends, including April Fletcher.

She also claimed that he drugged and raped her in February 2013.

In Tumblr, where she writes, Fletcher claimed that she was thinking about killing herself after the rape incident with Turner. She also said she was almost certain he had tried the same thing with other women.

On April 9, 2016, another of Turner’s ex-girlfriends – Jaclyn Glenn – posted a video on YouTube in response to the allegations. She supported Fletcher’s claims about the affairs and claimed that Turner cheated on her (Glenn) during their date. Regarding the rape allegations, she said that although she believed them to be possible, she personally believed that they were false.

Two days later, on April 11, 2016, Turner responded to the allegations in a short video. He described Fletcher’s accusations as false and claimed that he “never did anything without her consent, never tried to deceive her.

No one brought charges, but the news did indeed shake up the YouTube community and sparked a lot of arguments for and against Toby Turner’s innocence.

Quick Facts About Toby Turner

Date of Birth: 3 March 1985
 Age: 35 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 5 Feet 10½ Inch
Name Toby Turner
Birth Name Toby Joe Turner
Father William Turner
Mother Jackie Turner
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Osborn, Mississippi
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Net Worth $ 4.2 million
Eye Color Dark-Brown
Hair Color Dark-Brown
Weight in KG 65 KG
Girlfriend N/A
Married Not Yet
Education University of Florida
Awards Not Yet
Movies The Angry Birds Movie
TV Show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Siblings Angie Turner, William Turner